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What is the Most Popular WordPress Page Builder?

Simple vs Feature-Rich?

Modern themes are absolutely jam-packed with features these days. Don’t feel inadequate if you feel a little intimidated when one feature let’s you modify a hundred options, each with sub-options of their own.

However, these themes (especially of the premium variety) utilize the latest capabilities of web design. The best available plug-ins not only provide the user with abundant control, but they frequently publish updates and offer individual support. Therefore, website builders looking for a professional product have only benefited from this newer wave of themes.

Wisdom of the Crowd

No one will blame you for deciding to use the most popular plug-ins in use. There must be a reason why they are downloaded so much, and with an established community comes a base of support and knowledge that is every-evolving. So let’s examine further…

Visual Composer

Visual Composer Frontend Editor
Rank No.1 in users
Total Downloads: 17500 Network Sales
User Rating: 4.72 stars average (7462 ratings)


  • Front and Back-end Drag-and-drop
  • Pre-defined and user-saved templates
  •  Mobile/Tablet/Web live previews
  • Hundreds of add-ons and widgets
  • Intuitive ‘grid building’ UI with key variables that are adjustable


  • Numerous features means a steep learning curve.  Must get familiar with shortcodes.  Expect more than a few weeks for complete comfort.
  • Certain screens have slow loading times 
  • And unfortunately, it won’t suddenly make you an artistic savant.

Choosing for Yourself

In the end, popularity is a subjective metric.  When seeking out “the best” available themes, there are other methods of ranking as well. Later we will discuss the various methods of ranking an item such as a WordPress plug-in. Additionally, new products are continuously being created, which makes trends very important to examine as well.

And for those readers who are are just being introduced to the intricacies of web design, many of whom would rather dip their toes into the vast ocean of this world, there are rankings of strictly free plug-ins. We will cover a lot of those later. In this instance, however, the crowd and its aggregate wisdom speaks for itself.

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