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Faster Battery Technology a Major Milestone?

Perhaps the single greatest barrier to widespread adoption of plug-in automobiles is the time it takes to charge them.  We have looked into charging times in the past, and even with the most advanced infrastructure in place at charging stations, you are still looking at one hour or more to …

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Renault Will Reveal Plug-in Runabouts

Renault, the French car manufacturer intends to unveil its plug in car, which is ‘car of the future’. Nissan, the Japanese auxiliary of Renault plans to disclose the related information about its price range and services in around 2 years. This car will be environment friendly and commercially feasible car. …

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Rising Demand for EVs Causes A Boom In Lithium Industry

Lithium, which was little known to people a couple of years back, is suddenly seeing upsurge after the introduction of electric cars. Investors are anticipating the huge influx of electric cars and looking out for different ways to cash in on the lithium-ion battery in marketplace. A number of Bay …

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