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Tesla Motors Roadster for Charity

Tesla Roadster

The Renew America Roadtrip, hosted by the Element Hotel Summerlin, has dual functions: It aims to promote electric cars and public awareness in renewable green technologies.  And, in addition, the event has the intention to raise funds for various charities, such as the Autism Society of America.

Touted as America’s first ever electric coast-to-coast trip, the journey initiated from New York City on Wednesday July 15th and is scheduled to end in San Francisco on the 31st. With the aim of attracting local press and the YouTube generation of bloggers, the organizers state on their website that it is “NOT about making another geeky cross-country technology trial, but is rather about a real-life road trip, with real people and a real production vehicle – the Tesla Motor’s Roadster.”

The Roadster arrived as part of the procession early on, showing off its $109,000 pristine white body. More than 40 people welcomed the car along with yet another blue roadster that traveled with it through Pennsylvania. You can see the itinerary of the Renew America Roadtrip below. As part of the exhibition, the organizers are also offering rides to the public for a donation.

Renew America - Stops

Michael Craner, owner of Tesla Motors Roadster and co-founder of Renew America Roadtrip said, “We hope that by driving a production electric vehicle, the Tesla Motor’s Roadster, across the country, we can demonstrate by example that green technologies are here today and do not represent a compromise. At the end of our trip, we plan to auction our Tesla Roadster and distribute the money earned to the different charities that have joined with us during our journey, including the American Lung Association, Parkinson’s Association, and local homeless shelters.”

If you’re interested in seeing close-up shots of the Roadster during the roadtrip, wizzardkitten snapped a few photos.

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