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REVA to Launch Two Plug-Ins with Proprietary Technology


REVA, an automobile company based in Bangalore, India, is preparing to launch its own plug-in models, except with a twist.  Shown off at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and scheduled for production early this year, the NXR, a 3-door, four-seater hatchback, will have a range of about 100 miles and a top speed of 65 mph.  The NXG (shown above) will sport a top speed of 80 mph and a range of 125 miles.  Both of these car models will feature REVive, a reserve-charging technology.


According to key experts in the company, REVA will be adding a unique technology to its plug-in cars, which will be designed to combat “range anxiety”.  This phenomenon arises when motorists worry that their car will run out of charge mid-way through their journey — or perhaps on their way to a charging station. The REVive telematicsâ„¢ feature will operate like an “invisible reserve fuel tank”, enabling drivers to get their reserve battery power remotely activated during an electricity crisis on the road.  In such a situation, drivers would need to call or text-message REVA for an immediate top-up, however, remotely.

This idea might sound gimmicky at first, however it is meant to address a key issue with plug-in vehicles: the lack of charging infrastructure.  Knowing that there is “spare fuel” in your vehicle might be an incentive to purchase a plug-in.  However, the actual usefulness of this technology will depend on motorists behavior.  The instant they start thinking of this extra charge as part of their normal battery life, its function will be worthless.  Granted, having to text message your auto manufacturer in order to continue to operate your vehicle, and the embarassment it might cause when others are inside, might be enough of a hassle so the technology is not misused.

Prices for the REVA NXR start at $9,995 for the lead-acid battery version and $14,995 for the lithium-ion version.


About Reva:

REVA Electric Car Company is a Bangalore-based car manufacturer. It is a venture of AEV LLC of California and Maini Group of India, which is supported by US investors such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson and the Global Environment Fund.

Launching its 1st electric car in 2001, the company is capable of manufacturing around 30,000 cars in a year at its factory in Bangalore.  They are developing a new plant in Bangalore for an “ultra-low carbon” motor vehicle. This plant will have the capacity to produce an extra 30,000 units per year.

REVA operates in a country with a population that is becoming more affluent and highly invests in clean-energy vehicles.

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  1. hmmmm REVA NXR/G 3-door, four-seater looking great, i think this model may change the small electric car industry in near future, and the price of those car is also low compared to the any electric model in preset industry. Mostly this is very useful for with in city transportation

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