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Element Hotel Installs EVs Charging Station


The Element Hotel is set to inaugurate its first car charging station on 21st July 2009. Element is the first ever hotel that has installed an electric car charging station in Lexington, Massachusetts, the United States of America. The eco-friendly hotel hooked up this charge station for its increasing number of guests with electric vehicles (EVs). The green hotel chain also provides preferred parking area to its guests that arrive in hybrid or electric cars and “bikes to borrow” for guests.

Popularly known as ChargePoint, it is part of the ChargePoint Network, which has about 140 stations worldwide. Coulomb Technologies in collaboration with the Green Power Technologies developed the ChargePoint Networked Charging Station.

Element Hotel is the chief property of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, whose other hotel brands include W and St. Regis, Sheraton and Westin. After the Carbon Day Automotive collaborated with the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. that the hotel installed this charging station. In fact, the EVs charging station is part of recent green initiative implemented at the Element Hotels, which is termed as ‘the Starwood’s working laboratory’ to push green practice, operations, and design.


Electric car charging station is user friendly. Local people as well as other guests need to simply swipe a keyfob, plug in the cars, and charge their EVs. It is interesting to note that with the help of Googlemaps, masses will be able to not only locate charge stations but also determine, whether it is occupied or not.

The installation charges of the charge station are borne by both the Element Hotel and the Carbon Day Automotive. The charge station has a universal plug-in facility for all kinds of electric vehicles, which could include buses, scooters, cars, and motorbikes. The ChargePoint Charging Station employs the ChargePoint network, which offers advanced search technology and a selection of pliable subscription plans through Google maps.

As revealed by one of the principals at Carbon Day Automotive that Starwood’s brand, Element Hotel shares their commitment to spread the awareness of going green globally among masses. He also said that they would help municipalities, businesses, and individuals to lower the release of carbon. He also stated, “By installing the ChargePoint charging station at Element Lexington, we are preparing for the influx of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles expected on America’s roads in 2010. We hope that other hotels will follow Starwood’s lead and take the initiative to encourage this important change in the automobile industry.”

According to Senior Vice President, Specialty-Select Brands, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., “By offering a charging station for electric vehicles, we are deepening our commitment to greener travel as a key part of an environmentally responsible lifestyle. We are proud to be playing a part in the development of the infrastructure needed to support the anticipated increase in electric vehicles over the next several years.”

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