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New Tech Promises EV Charge Times Measured in Minutes

Power Density vs Energy Density

The elegance of SMC design is its ability to bridge the gap between relatively long-range but slow charging Li-ion batteries and fast charging but distance-challenged supercapacitors. Researchers might finally have a method to create both high power and energy dense cells without sacrificing one for the other.

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Upcoming Plug In Hybrids

As our fuel prices continue to rise, and the public finally accepting that we have to change our lifestyles or else face the dire consequences of our inaction, the PHEV is one tiny piece of that puzzle. Indications are that CEOs at the world's automakers have seen the writing on the wall and are doing their part to curb our energy usage behind the wheel.

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The Cost of Electric Car Convenience

Wonder how pricing is determined for plug-in autos? One study from the University of Delaware revealed the top attributes buyers consider in an electric car, and then determined the prices consumers would find acceptable given a certain level of performance.

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