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This website is a tribute to the growing popularity of  hybrid and electric forms of transportation.  Due to shifts in global attitudes towards “green” energy, and support pouring in from governments and private organizations, we are currently at the inception of a revolution in electric-vehicle technology.

There have been several types of plug-in cars distributed globally, and there are many more that have been announced or are in development. Here, we plan to document the frequent updates of new cars, improved batteries, and other various developments that contribute to the trend. Our readers have the opportunity to share their experiences and views on the products that are mentioned, and add insight about where they feel this industry is headed.

Our forum comment section is open to all perspectives, and we greatly appreciate feedback from our readers. If you wish to contact us, please email info@plug-in.com.

Are you interested in writing about electric cars or subjects dealing with alternative energy? If so, email us! We would like to publish your views and consider granting you author privileges